Ronan Library District

Ronan Library District Patron Computer Center Use and Internet Policy

(Updated 10-23-2012)

To comply with CIPA (CHILDREN'S INTERNET PROTECTION ACT), the Ronan City Library has adopted this Internet Safety Policy.

The library has installed Technology Protection Measures (filtering software) on all of its Public Internet accessible terminals. This filtering software helps to protect against access to visual depictions deemed "obscene," "child pornography," or "harmful to minors."

It is the position of the library that staff presence and use of a filtering system should not be viewed as a substitute for parental supervision of a minor on the Internet. Staff ability to monitor activities of minors online will be affected by circumstances at the service desk.

Filtering software is flawed. In some instances it may block access to constitutionally protected material on the Internet or fail to block access to material that is obscene or harmful. Under the law, the librarian can unblock individual websites for minors that have been blocked erroneously. The Librarian can only completely disable the filter for adult patrons, 17 and over, on request.

With regards to safety, the Ronan Library District Internet Policy prohibits the following:

  • - Sending or displaying obscene or disruptive messages, files, or images, including anything obscene, harmful to minors, or having to do with child pornography.
  • - Unauthorized disclosure, use and dissemination of personal identification.
  • - Gaining unauthorized access to the library's network or computer systems or to any other network or computer system (hacking).
  • - Using library computers to conduct any unlawful activity.

Any violation of this policy may result in the loss of Internet privileges at the library. Unacceptable use that is illegal may result in criminal prosecution as well.

REMEMBER SAFETY AND SECURITY. Do not give out your private information to anyone. This includes social security numbers, credit card numbers, etc. If you do happen to meet someone online, and want to meet them in person, make sure to arrange a face-to-face meeting with the individual in a public place and tell others of whom you may be meeting and where.


1. Do not violate any Local, State or Federal laws. There are filters in place in the Public Computing Center to block most nefarious activities such as pornography, illegal downloads etc. Remember when you download, that certain intellectual properties, are copyright-managed and you need permission to use these.

2. Do not use the Patron Computer Center to conduct any illegal business transactions, or use the Patron Computing Center for hacking activities, such as security breaches, creating worms, viruses, phishing (by obtaining personal information through deceptive practices), downloading illegal programs and changing any of the settings in the Patron Computing Center.

By logging on to a computer in the Patron Computing Center , Patrons AGREE to the following.

1. Computer usage is on a first come, first serve basis. Patrons agree to limit usage to 30 minute intervals, up to a maximum usage of 2 hours per day.

2. Patrons are required to be cooperative and be considerate of others. Patrons are forbidden to harass, libel or slander others, and not to monopolize equipment.

3. All computers do print, for a fee of $0.10 per page. Please do a print preview of the document in which you are wishing to print. All pages must be paid for; even if you print pages you did not want to print.

4. Patrons may save user data to their personal media, but are strongly discouraged from saving their data to the hard drives on the computers. Any data that is saved to the hard drives will be deleted on a regular basis.

5. Any violations of the Patron Computer Center and this Internet Policy will result in restrictive access. Violators will have their privileges reduced for a specific amount of time determined by the Library Director.

6. To comply with all rules and regulations in this Public Computing Center and Internet Safety Policy.